Mountain Bike – Cycle path Brembana Valley

Zogno – Brembana Square

        Path details

Itinerary Style
Suitable for all.
Cycle path and dirt track that don’t request any technical task, even if it is advised to have a minimum training in order to finish the trip

Type of land
Cycle path 90% and Dirt Track 10%

In this nice cycle path that starts from Zogno and finishes to Brembana Square, we will discover the vast cultural and naturalistic heritage of Brembana Valley. From the middle of the valley, the path is more suggestive, due to the enlightement that comes from the bottom.
The track is mainly originated from the route of the abandoned railway, interrupted in 1966 after 60 years of service. The path passes through hamlets and villages of remote charm, often situated in isolated places, for example “Oneta” and “Cornello del Tasso”, where time seems to stop.
Bigger villages as “San Pellegrino Terme” present the occasion to visit important monuments.

Technical data
Starting point:                  Zogno, 334 m above s.l.
Maximum height:            Brembana Square, 518 m above s.l.
Difference in altitude:     184 m
Duration:                           4-5 hours
Total Length:                    38 km
Technical difficulty:         low
Physical difficulty:            low
Suitable for cycling:         100%