Mountain Bike – Crespi

Along Adda and Brembo rivers

Path details

Itinerary Style
Suitable for all.
Cycle path and dirt track that don’t request any technical task, even if it is advised to have a minimum training in order to finish the trip.

Type of land
Cycle paths 50% and Dirt Track 50%

This path starts from Vaprio d’Adda and running along “Villa Castelbarco”’s estate passes through the pretty bridge over the river “Adda” and then finishes at the nice little village of Crespi d’Adda.
“Crespi” is the name of an industrial cotton Lombard family that in late 1800 created a modern “ideal work village” near its factory along the Bergamo shore of river Adda.
Crespi village is a real small town built from scratch by the owner of the factory for his workers and their family; each employee had a house with garden and all the needed services.
In this little perfect world the master ruled from his castle and looked after his workers’ needs as a father would have done: inside and outside the factory and “from cradle to grave”, even anticipating government protection. Only factory workers could live in the village and life of everybody turned arund the factory itself, its rhythm and needs.
Unesco hold Crespi d’Adda in his List of Protected World Heritage as an exceptional example of workers village, the most complete and best kept in South Europe.
From Crespi we ride along river Brembo before and river Adda after and will arrive at Martesana Canal which takes us back to our starting point (Vaprio d’Adda).

Techical  data
Starting point:                   Vaprio d’Adda, 161 mt above s.l.
Maximum height:             Capriate d’Adda, 190 mt above s.l.
Difference in altitudine:  29 mt
Duration:                            3 hours
Total Length:                      25 km
Technical difficulty:           low
Physical difficulty:             low
Suitable for cycling:          100%