Mountain Bike – Alzaia

Vaprio – Imbersago

Path details

Itinerary Style
For everybody
Cycle path and dirt track that don’t request any technical task, even if it is advised to have a minimum training in order to finish the trip

Type of land
Cycle paths 20% and Dirt Track 80%

This path is one of the most beautiful of North Adda Park, thanks to the presence of the river, which passes between shores covered by woods and faces some torrential points interrupted by other placid moments, and many proofs of industrial archaeology. As a matter of fact, along the path it will be possible to see old generating stations which first brought electric energy to Milan.
After the power houses, we’ll arrive nearby the rapids of Adda river, unusual landscape and maybe incredible if we think that this place is 30 km far as the crow flies from Duomo Place in Milan.
Continuing on the path, we’ll get to the iron bridge in Paderno and then to Leonardo’s ferry boat in Imbersago.
All the travel is pervaded by Leonardo da Vinci’s genius, who first planned the stretch of Paderno canal, in order to get over the problem represented by the rapids and let the water trade from Valtellina to Milan. His works, built in 1700 but nowadays fallen into disuse, are visible on the side of the track.
Moreover, it’s interesting to know that in these places Leonardo da Vinci set his famous portrait “The Virgin of the Rocks”.

Technical data
Starting point:                 Vaprio d’Adda, 161 mt above s.l.
Maximum height:           Imbersago, 249 mt above s.l.
Difference in altitude:    88
Duration:                          4 hours
Total Length:                   41 km
Technical difficulty:         low
Physical difficulty:           low
Suitabel for cycling:       100%