Mountain Bike – Cycle path Seriana Valley

Ranica – Clusone

       Path details

Itinerary Style
Suitable for all
Cycle path and dirt track that don’t request any technical task, even if it is advised to have a minimum training in order to finish the trip

Type of land
Cycle path 90% and Dirt Track 10%

The path twists and turns through the fluvial territory of Serio and runs mainly through the valley floor. It starts from Ranica and Villa di Serio, on two branches which cross over in different points till Albino, where they definitevely join.
Itinerary mainly develops on the cycle path and has a remarkable leasure and cycle relevance. It runs through the river flow, using for some stretches the route of the old railway and for others existent rural and fluvial trails.
This itinerary leads to the discover of the territory and enhances architectural, hystorical and naturalistic resources.

Technical data
Starting point:                 Ranica, 293 m above s.l.
Maximum height:           Clusone, 647 m above s.l.
Difference in altitude:    354 m
Duration:                          3-4 hours
Total Length:                    31 km
Technical difficulty:         low
Physical difficulty:           low
Suitable for cycling:        100%