Mountain Bike – Wolf Valley and Coyote Valley

Vaprio – Paderno

Path details

Itinerary Style
Cross Country
It’s a path that mainly requires lungs and legs and shows rare demanding obstacles.

Type of land
Cycle paths 20% and Dirt Track 80%

This path is one of the most interesting of our offer, regarding technical and physical difficulty, in the middle of North Adda Park; it develops into the woods near Adda river.
The itinerary is divided into two pieces: outward journey is called “Wolf Valley” and comeback journey “Coyote Valley”.

Technical data
Starting point:                Vaprio d’Adda, 161 mt above s.l.
Maximum height:          Paderno, 266 mt above s.l.
Difference in altitude:   105 mt.
Duration:                         4 h
Total Length:                  36 km
Technical difficulty:       medium
Physical difficulty:         medium
Suitable for cycling:      100%